Getting to know Chrissy

08 Nov 2019
Chrissy QA

Q&A with our Remedial Massage Therapist, Chrissy

Q1. Can you tell us where your journey began as a practitioner?

I remember walking in the door one evening, sighing heavily and saying to my partner ‘I think I’m going to take a sick day tomorrow, I just don’t want to go back in to the office, maybe I could take the rest of the year off.’ As the words came out I had that light bulb realisation ‘why am I doing a job I resent being in?’ I loved the way I felt when I left my massage therapists treatment room, the way I went in as one rushed, sore, weary person and left feeling like the heaviness had been lifted and my body and mind had renewed. I knew that is what I wanted to give to people, to create for people. So I went to work the next day (no sick day) had a very honest conversation with my manager, agreed on a suitable exit date and enrolled in Massage that evening. I was fortunate while studying I worked reception and administration at a multi-modality wellness clinic so I could immerse myself with all the right humans to support me during my next phase. I was finally aligning my career to all the other wellness facets of my life.

Q2. What is your favourite thing about working at Luxton Clinic?

Everyone has an absolute passion for working with clients to make positive change and keep on track for their goals. And it’s such a boutique beautiful clinic space. Definitely a quiet space from the busy world outside. 

Q3. What inspires you each day as a practitioner?

Our bodies are meant to move freely. The everyday routines of life can evolve into tension, aches, pains, soreness, lethargy, it’s the body’s way of speaking to us something needs to change, shift, needs and heal so that’s where I come in. My inspiration is to help change occur in a gentle non-invasive process. It’s a big busy world out there, my intention is to create a restorative space away from the noisiness that surrounds you.

Q4. What is your favourite way to move your body?

Yoga is my go to ‘movement is medicine’. I roll my mat out every day, even if it’s just a quick 20 minutes or a luxurious 90 minutes. Depending on what my body and mind needs I move gently (yin) or pace (yang). 

Q5. How do you like to unwind and relax on weekends?

Time with family & friends. Longer outdoor walks. Explore nourishing cafes. 

Q6. Tell us three secret facts about you!

  • Peanut Butter and Banana in a toastie is my all time fav comfort food
  • My yoga goal is to hold a free standing hand stand for 60 seconds, currently at around 30 seconds
  • I go through a 3 pack of paper towels a week. 

Q7. If you could sum up your wellness philosophy in one sentence, it would be:

‘Movement is Medicine’ – When your body moves it is talking with you, telling you where move love is needed, choose to listen and act.’

At Luxton Clinic, Chrissy specialises in Remedial, Deep Tissue, Glass Cupping, Lymphatic Drainage, Pregnancy Massage, Abdominal & Fertility Massage and Kinesiology Taping. Book online for an appointment with Chrissy 

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