My Story

Sarah Nankervis

Naturopath + Nutritionist

Sarah Nankervis is a highly qualified and degree-educated Naturopath and Nutritionist with over 18 years of clinical experience. Sarah is passionate about the human gut and its microbiome relating to the mind, auto-immunity, fertility, and women’s health.

Sarah founded Luxton Wellness in 2011 after realising her passion to empower individuals to make permanent health change through food and whole-food cooking. Whole food cooking and recipe development is what makes Sarah stand out as a Naturopath and Nutritionist and she is grateful to be able to share her passion with others through her recipes, cooking classes and workshops and 8-week program “Happy Gut, Happy Mind”.

Over the past 15 years, Sarah has enhanced people’s lives by helping them make positive changes to their health and well-being in a holistic way. She has supported people through cancer treatment and preventative health, overcoming fertility issues or hormonal imbalances and making changes in chronic pain or digestive issues.